Sally Mazák

Creativity coach and Visual practitioner

Coaching professional creatives for over 15 years


You will notice there are not many creativity coaches in Australia, but I've been working away in the background with some very dedicated creatives for many years. Several of my clients have been working with me for over ten years as they move up in their creative professions. Some of the most talented and hardworking creatives among you may have quietly gone about their coaching with me while conquering their professional goals in your midst.

Whether you are just starting out or highly experienced, you will find my style of creativity coaching to be profound, fun, highly illuminating and strengthening. I help you define your wants and conquer your doubts. It will pay off very quickly. You will receive all the information you need on a platter, served straight to you from my extensive experience. 

I've trained as a creativity coach to teach career-committed creatives to manage the challenges they face in their work and effectively manage those challenges to build a successful long-term career and creative life.  


I’m also Australia's only Artist's Way at Work facilitator. I was trained in the USA by Mark Bryan, the co-founder of the original The Artist's Way workshops and book with Julia Cameron. ​


I'm also a Graphic Recorder, the perfect intersection of my skills and appetite for communicating complex information with simplicity. I don't 'claim' to know how to deal with creative pressure, urgency, processes, ideas, dreams, ambitions and setbacks – I live it and practice what I preach. Visit 


*Please note The Artist's Way at Work is an offshoot course from the original Artist's Way