Sally at the launch
of her children's book
"What colours am I?"

Sally Mazák is Australia's only certified Artist's Way at Work Facilitator and Creativity Coach

Sally Mazák has 20 years experience immersed in the professional creative worlds of Graphic Design, Illustration and Writing. As a degree trained Graphic Designer she has tried to actively live the principles of The Artist's Way and The Artist's Way at Work* (AWAW) since the 90s in her professional roles. She also incorporates other philosophies into her creative life and coaching – such as the collective wisdom of Eric Maisel, Deepak Chopra, Abraham-Hicks, meditation, yoga...and more.


Whether you are just starting out or extremely experienced in any form, you will find Sally's style of creativity coaching to be reflective, fun, informative and reinvigorating for any type of artistic pursuit. She can assist you to further define or even completely re-define your direction as a creative.


As an active visual artist, Sally has achieved many of her dreams and goals. She has written and illustrated greeting cards for The Ink Group and John Sands, published her own hardcover children's book and illustrated for a number of publications. She was also selected for a national poster project viewed at Qantas terminals. You can see samples of her illustration style at 

An entrepreneur at heart, she has managed a number of busy corporate and government graphic design studios whilst achieving her own freelance creative work for the past 20 years. Sally doesn't 'claim' to know how to deal with creative pressure, processes, ideas, dreams and ambitions...she lives it and tries to practice what she preaches.


To become Australia's only AWAW facilitator, Sally flew to the USA and trained with Mark Bryan, the co-founder of the original The Artist's Way workshops/book with Julia Cameron. The participants intensively explored the AWAW, bringing it back to their respective countries to be shared via workshops, seminars, events or specialist one-on-one coaching.


Sally practices these techniques and passes this first-hand information to her clients. She continues to explore a broad variety of theories about creativity, bringing all this (and more) to you on a platter. It pays to have someone passionate and dedicated providing you with all the information you need, quickly! 


Sally is also the online coach for The New Zealand and UK Writers' Colleges. 

*Please note The Artist's Way at Work is a different book/course to The Artist's Way and although 
The Artist's Way tools are incorporated, many others techniques and philosophies are also used.