What is creativity coaching? 

How does it work?

Many people can't discuss their genuine creative challenges with anyone. This isolation can produce underlying feelings of anxiety, stagnancy and frustration. Is this you? Discussing your thoughts with someone who understands creativity and offers specialised constructive, knowledgeable support could be just the breakthrough technique you require.

Knowledge is power. Creativity coaching helps creatives delve into the issues that are uniquely challenging for them, to fuel personal growth, deep insight and creative freedom. The outcome of creativity coaching is a
greater understanding and maturity of who you are, a deeper understanding of the creative process and clarification of your creative aspirations

Working with a creativity coach can literally change your life. See what others have to say.

All creatives are welcome regardless of whether you are a beginner or very experienced in your field. Even very experienced creatives have regular new challenges or old issues to resolve. 

1–to–1 coaching

  • Individualised coaching for design professionals, writers, artists, musicians, actors... 

  • ​Creative process training

  • Personalised to suit your needs

  • Coaching is available via phone, online or in person. International clients welcome.


Courses for individuals or groups

  • 'The Creative – Practical enlightenment for creative hearts' – 8 weeks / can be reduced (see Course outline)

  • 'Artist's Way at Work' – 12 weeks

  • Custom-designed courses for specific needs (e.g. customised course for the ​UK and NZ Writers' College – see testimonials)



  • ​Creative process training

  • Group-specific or generalised learning 

  • How to effectively critique your creative staff/peers

  • Custom-designed courses to particular needs