The Creative

The Creative: Practical enlightenment for creative hearts


This course is designed to deepen your learning and practice of the creative process. The information will help you to further define, or even completely re-define, your direction within your creative genre of choice. It will help you to reveal the place you want to be right now, not yesterday, two years ago or ten years ago.


In each chapter, we focus on various aspects of creativity to develop your awareness and sureness. The more you understand your creative self, the more endurance you will have during challenging periods. The more self-assuredness you develop, the more you will trust yourself. Knowledge is power.


Whether you’re just starting out or extremely experienced, you’ll find this course fun, fascinating, reflective, informative and reinvigorating – not only for your creative life, but for life in general.




The Artist's Way at Work


The Artist's Way at Work: 12 Weeks to Creative Freedom 

by Mark Bryan with Julia Cameron and Catherine Allen 

It all began in 1992... Julia Cameron and Mark Bryan published the groundbreaking The Artist's Way. At the urging of their students it was developed into a programme designed to encompass the creative working world – The Artists Way at Work (AWAW) ​was born, bringing the bestseller into the creative working world..

Utlising modern theories based on creativity and group dynamics, AWAW guides you toward reconnection with your own values and integrity. This course helps you to become more authentic, more productive, and better able to see and speak your truth in all facets of your life. 





The Artist's Way movement all began with the following phenomenal bestseller...

The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity
by Julia Cameron with Mark Bryan

This groundbreaking work offers an astoundingly effective twelve-week course in creative discovery. With over two million copies sold, The Artist's Way is now an undisputed classic, read, reread and cherished the world over by aspiring and working artists alike. It is credited with sparking everyday people to begin delving into self-expression.

From Hollywood stars to community theatre actors, from best-selling authors to amateur journalists, homemakers and professionals – they have all experienced the rich benefits of The Artist's Way phenomenon.