The following is some important information I want to share from my experiences...


There are most certainly basic truths when it comes to being creative. Here are some I have uncovered whilst working closely with my clients:

Everyone is born with a natural imaginative, exploratory side. This often gets shut down to some degree over the course of school or family life. A perfect example is when a child is drawing and colours the petals of a flower, for example, green. The carer might say "No, petals aren't green, they're pink!". The child begins to constrain their thinking to what should be done, not what could be done, in order to please. Possibilities begin to diminish. Together we kick-start this natural ability.

Most people are unaware that there is an actual creative process. Did you know that there are roughly nine steps in the creative process? 'Inspiration' is approximately stage 6-7. Most people think this moment comes out of the ether...and they wait for it...and wait. It didn't. You don't need to wait. Consciously or unconsciously you followed a process to get there. I can teach you how.

Most people don't stop to work out who they are right now. People often associate themselves with others' perceptions of them, or who they were when they were 5, or at school, or at work, when married, when single... Most people are genuinely excited and surprised when they begin to shed layers and find out who they are – Right now.

Stirring the pot can lead to good things.​

Lifestyle, nutrition and exercise affect how you think. How you care for your body directly affects the flow of creative energy and your ability to control the rush that can come during the 'inspiration stage'. Creative anxiety can be managed by basic self-care.

Everyone can (eventually) love being a kid again. Sometimes it may take a while to shed your adult skin, but with some work everyone has the ability to play and experience fun with no agenda, boosting their ability to see possibilities and creative ideas. Even if you had a crappy childhood, you can always learn to have your fun now.

You must defrag regularly like a computer. Our brain can only handle so much stimuli and clutter, then it begins to search for ways to release (alcohol, food...seriously they don't help). If you don't release you can implode and get an almighty block from the overload. If you have a regular healthful mind release such as yoga, running, walking, gym or meditation, you can let go of the consistent cultural clutter of our modern world and have the headspace to let creative ideas flow. This is a basic trick for creative freedom. People who do this know it works.


“ must generously give yourself the gift of time. It’s not how fast you make your dream come true, but how steadily you pursue it”

- Sarah Ban Breathnach

“Being a beginner creates excitement and self-respect"

- Julie Cameron, 'Finding Water'

“Every mistake is an opportunity for creativity"

- Deepak Chopra, interview

“The sooner you make the decision to take action, the sooner your life will start to show you the results you desire"

- Rocky Warren, 'The Fighter Within'

“An artist may contrive to limit her opportunities in order to avoid the accompanying anxiety"

- Eric Maisel, 'Creativity for Life'